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OPINION: Beware of Verbally Abusive and Incompetent Teacher Peter Zucker
My opinion is that New York City public school ATR teacher Peter Zucker, a former friend, has lost his ability to see reality from fantasy, and facts from fiction. The facts are that he still works for the NYC Department of Education despite being found guilty of verbal abuse of co-workers and incompetency at 3020-a arbitration. He did not appeal his suspension without pay for 4 months.
   Peter Zucker   
OPINION: Beware of abusive and incompetent teacher Peter Zucker

The comments in this post are my opinion, as Editor of and NYC Rubber Room Reporter and other blogs.The facts are the facts.

The facts of Peter Zucker's hearing known as 3020-a arbitration:
1. See the full decision.
Peter Zucker was found guilty at 3020-a labor Arbitration by Arbitrator Richard Williams of neglect of duty; conduct unbecoming his position or conduct prejudicial to the good order, efficiency, or discipline of the service; insubordination; substantial cause rendering him unfit to perform properly his obligations to the service.

2. Arbitrator Williams gave Peter a penalty: (a) suffer a suspension without pay of four months; (b) suffer an involuntary removal from any assignment whatsoever at PS 154X to an assignment determined by the Department; and (c) that upon return from the four month suspension without pay, that he is to take part in a formal remediation program as determined by the Department.

3. Peter did not appeal this penalty.

4. Peter hired Bryan Glass as his Attorney when he sued Michael Agona and Principal Coviello among others.
(see Complaint)

5. Peter made a settlement agreement where he received $20,000 (I imagine most of that went to Bryan Glass).
See the Settlement Agreement.

Peter Zucker is a blogger, and his blog is South Bronx School. Most people who read this blog are surprised at the language used, which tends to be raw and insulting.

Then Peter turned on me, a fellow blogger and now former friend.
I am writing this to expose the alarming mental state of Absent Teacher Reserve Peter Zucker and to suggest that anyone working with him in the many schools he is rotating to as a substitute teacher be careful when working with him or in conversation with him.

Peter no longer seems to know truth from lies, and this could be dangerous not only to the health, safety and welfare of the children he works with, but those staff members who work alongside of him. At any moment you can be posted on his blog with something that you never said or did. His so-called "crack team" is, of course, he, himself, him. No one else.

Sadly, this is what Peter is all about. He uses his own reality as a weapon. For example, he and I were talking in May 2016 about matters of importance to teachers in NYC, and somehow the name of Bryan Glass, his Attorney, came up. Peter threatened me that he would never be friendly to me and would make sure I regretted writing anything about Bryan Glass, anywhere. I said nothing.

In gratitude for 'agreeing' to do what he demanded, by my not saying anything bad about Bryan, Peter crafted the article below on May 15, 2016.
I have known Peter for many years, as his post on his blog remembered:

Teachers are Lucky to Have Betsy Combier

"I first met Betsy Combier almost 10 years ago during my time in the RR during the time of Numb Nuts. I remember her showing up every now and then, placing her stuff down on a desk, sitting down, and watching a line form to see her as if people were lining up to get Mickey Mantle's autograph.

Betsy at the time was working for the UFT. She was the liaison, or something like that, for the people of the Rubber Room to the outside world. She was the friendly face, or more importantly, she was the only face that seemed to care.

With the changing of the guard at the UFT, soon Betsy was not employed by them. She was now a free agent. In my opinion this was a blessing for Betsy and the teachers she sought to help. Betsy was now a free agent. There was no stopping her now.

Betsy along with her blogs, NYC Rubber Room Reporter, and Parent Advocates, has been att the forefront of removing the sheath back over the mess that the NYCDOE has created over the years. Betsy has been, and still is, the leader in assuring those damaged by the NYCDOE that they will be heard and that their rights will not be trampled on.

I recall back in the summer of 2013 when I and several teachers in my school had our careers trampled on. I contacted Betsy to meet with us and without hesitation she did. We met at a diner on 2nd Ave and spent a couple of hours not only soaking in her knowledge of what we can do, but more importantly, having that sympathetic ear that we were missing for so long. This is what Betsy is about.

Betsy is about someone who will be with you and advocate for you from the very beginning to the very end. Betsy is about once her work is done with you will be a friend for life. Someone that you can call day or night when you have that feeling of helplessness and need someone that you can be assured will be there for you.

Betsy fights for you. She fights for us. Betsy is persistent, never gives up. When her path forward in fighting for a teacher is blocked that does not stop her at all. She dusts herself off, rolls her he sleeves and finds a new path to go down. Ceaselessly fighting and advocating until she gets the results that she wants, or better, demands.

There are many times that I called Betsy, especially in the last 3 years, in which I was in a panic or needed to here her knowledge about something. At no time had she ever turned me away, not returned a phone call, or was unable to help me.

I consider Betsy a true friend, a trusted friend. I'm not the only one that does. There are many she as helped. Many she has rescued from the abyss.

Betsy is a lifeline. When you are sinking, when you feel desperate, when you feel alone in your fight there is no one better than Betsy to have on your side.

Betsy has been there for many teachers and I hope she will continue to be there for us for many years to come. You can't go wrong with Betsy."

I was happy to see this, but never told Peter that he had to write about me. That was his choice. Except that maybe he thought that I would do whatever he told me to do or threatened me with, and never speak badly about Bryan Glass.

His post has several facts, such as I was the only one at the UFT who visited the rubber rooms in New York City on a daily basis, talking to everyone. It is also a fact that I was the only person at any of the locations, so UFT members would stand in line to chat with me. I was a Special Representative for the UFT from 2007 to 2010.

On April 13, 2017 I was forced to write what my experiences with Bryan and Jordan Harlow have been like. I will give some examples:

Bryan Glass asked me to train Jordan in how to do 3020-a hearings, so I gladly brought 5 teachers who had been charged with 3020-a to Bryan and Jordan for representation at the 3020-a with me as the paralegal. I did not know that Bryan does not do 3020-a hearings anymore. So Jordan did three hearings and all three teachers were terminated because Jordan would not listen to any suggestions I made, and wanted to do the least amount of work.

Then Bryan and Jordan called the remaining teachers into their office at 100 Church Street, 8th floor, and convinced one teacher to resign, and the other to take a very bad settlement deal. Bryan and Jordan told both of the teachers that they would be terminated if they went through with the hearing, and neither should tell me anything about what they were saying. Both teachers called me and told me what Bryan and Jordan told them. I do not work with the Glass/Harlow team at all any more.

On or about May 18, 2016, a client of Jordan's asked me to take her 3020-a case when she saw me at the hearing office for these hearings, 100 Gold Street 3rd Floor in manhattan. I told her that I could not take on her case, as her dates were the same as the hearing I was there to do. I urged her to work with Jordan.

He did not return the favor. Later that day his client called me, upset, and told me that he told her never to speak with me, I was a horrible person and I wrote a terrible blog and as I was not an Attorney, not to speak with me under any circumstances. I wrote Bryan and Jordan a cease and desist letter. On or about June 9, 2016 at the 100 Gold Street DOE office, the client fired Jordan, he threw a bunch of her papers into her face and stormed out. She could not do the hearing herself, and was terminated. There is more, but I will save the rest for another post.

Peter then heard that I had written about Bryan and Jordan, immediately had a temper tantrum which caused him to post the article he originally posted on May 15, 2016 with a line through most of it. Most readers cannot figure this out, because I did not tell anyone that Peter had threatened me with personal destruction by him if I posted anything negative about Bryan Glass (does it interfere with you getting Attorney referral fees?) .

See here: Teachers are ****** to Have Betsy Combier

But that wasn't the end of his attack. Peter then posted 100% lies in this post:
A Teacher Puts His Faith in Betsy Combier, ridiculing senior teacher Javier Escudero for hiring me to be his advocate at his 3020-a after he fired Attorney Tom Ricotta of White, Ricotta and Marks on or about February 23, 2015 in the middle of his hearing. Javier saw me in the hall way of the old location for 3020-a hearings, 51-49 Chambers Street, and said "Are you Betsy Combier?" I said "Yes" and he told me to please give him my telephone number. He called me that night and we discussed my helping him. We started on March 9, 2015, and Javier spoke for himself "pro se" with my support. He received a penalty of $7500 fine, but was not terminated. We impressed the arbitrator. Javier did a great job!

So when I saw Peter's post (he sent it to me more than once) saying that I spoke to J.E. about Bryan and Jordan being in bed with the DOE, this is a lie, Everything is made up by Peter, who probably sent the anonymous comment to his own blog, so he could make up that I said things which I did not say.

So of course I contacted Javier, and this is his response:
"I don't know what this is about but I have the most respect and I am thankful for the work you did for me.

Thank you
Javier Escudero"

Cease and desist, Peter. You should try to be a responsible journalist and not deliberately lie on the internet.
And remember, just as you can state your opinion, so can I. in my opinion, you are way out of line.
Betsy Combier
Editor of

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