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The goal of
is to put tax dollar expenditures and other monies used or spent by our federal, state and/or city governments before your eyes and in your hands.

Through our website, you can learn your rights as a taxpayer and parent as well as to which programs, monies and more you may be entitled...and why you may not be able to exercise these rights.

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The E-Accountability Foundation announces the

'A for Accountability' Award

to those who are willing to whistleblow unjust, misleading, or false actions and claims of the politico-educational complex in order to bring about educational reform in favor of children of all races, intellectual ability and economic status. They ask questions that need to be asked, such as "where is the money?" and "Why does it have to be this way?" and they never give up. These people have withstood adversity and have held those who seem not to believe in honesty, integrity and compassion accountable for their actions. The winners of our "A" work to expose wrong-doing not for themselves, but for others - total strangers - for the "Greater Good"of the community and, by their actions, exemplify courage and self-less passion. They are parent advocates. We salute you.

Winners of the "A":

Johnnie Mae Allen
Dee Alpert
Francesco Alexander Portelos
Harris Lirtzman
Hipolito Colon
Jim Calantjis
Larry Fisher
The Giraffe Project and Giraffe Heroes' Program
Jimmy Kilpatrick and George Scott
Zach Kopplin
Matthew LaClair
Wangari Maathai
Erich Martel
Steve Orel, in memoriam, Interversity, and The World of Opportunity
Marla Ruzicka, in Memoriam
Nancy Swan
Bob Witanek
Peyton Wolcott
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The E-Accountability Foundation announces the

'F for Fraud' Award

Fraud comes in many shapes and sizes, and we often do not recognize it or the trickster until the consequences of the deceit begin to hurt us or those we love, know, or hear about in the media. Fraudulent actions are always costly, however, and we must remain vigilant in the global effort to stop these practices whenever and wherever they occur. We celebrate the exposure of those people who greedily go after money or glory rather than work hard for a fair wage in a moral and ethical manner by giving them an "F".

Winners of the 2004 F For Fraud Award:

The Belmont Learning Center (Los Angeles)
Teen Boot Camps (International)
The Drug/Insurance/Government Testing and Screening Coalition
Welcome to
and e-accountability
We celebrate the alliance of the Internet with the awareness that for too many years people elected to publicly-funded positions have promoted policies that do not serve the public interest. We challenge those who believe they can continue to violate the public trust to stop and listen to the buzz of millions of people visiting websites, emailing each other, blogging and chatting online about what is going on behind closed doors. We promise to hold you responsible for your actions. We call this process "e-accountability".
The US Government Does Not Represent the Interests of the Majority of the Country's Citizens, Concludes a New Study From Princeton and Northwestern Universities
Government Lies, Corruption and Mismanagement | Posted 4/18/2014 at 9:12 PM
The report, entitled Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens, used extensive policy data collected from between the years of 1981 and 2002 to empirically determine the state of the US political system.
Tennessee To Offer Free Tuition At Community Colleges
Success Stories: Positive Outcomes | Posted 4/18/2014 at 11:05 AM
The Tennessee Promise, proposed by Gov. Bill Haslam, will take effect in fall 2015. It will be funded by $300 million from the state's lottery fund. The state expects 25,000 students to apply and it would cost an estimated $34 million a year. Students have to attend full-time and meet grade point requirements.
Eliot Spitzer, Disgraced Former Governor of New York State, Files a Lawsuit To Hide Public Views of His "Private" Emails as Attorney General
Government Lies, Corruption and Mismanagement | Posted 3/23/2014 at 10:19 AM
Back when he was still Sheriff of Wall Street, Eliot Spitzer said his pursuit of American International Group was a matter of enforcing “simple rules of transparency.” Transparency, he liked to say, was a basic ingredient for markets to function properly. But if transparency is important for companies operating in a market, surely it’s even more vital for public officials in a democracy. Which is why we find it so interesting that the former state attorney general and governor filed an 84-page motion last week asking state Supreme Court Justice Christopher Cahill to quash a Freedom of Information Law suit seeking Spitzer’s private e-mails from his time as attorney ­general.
Whose Failing Grade Is It?
Just Asking | Posted 3/1/2014 at 12:32 AM
SINCE the subject today is schooling, let’s start with a quiz: 1. A third grader in Florida is often late for class. She tends to forget her homework and is unprepared for tests. The teacher would like to talk to her parents about this, but they fail to attend parent-teacher conferences. The teacher should: a) Fail the student; b) Fail the parents.
How Edward Snowden went from loyal NSA contractor to whistleblower
Government Lies, Corruption and Mismanagement | Posted 2/2/2014 at 10:33 PM
He was politically conservative, a gun owner, a geek – and the man behind the biggest intelligence leak in history. In this exclusive extract from his new book, Luke Harding looks at Edward Snowden's journey from patriot to America's most wanted.
Blogger Crystal Cox Wins Her Right Under the First Amendment To Post Her Opinions About Obsidian Finance Group
Current Events | Posted 1/18/2014 at 10:56 AM
A federal appeals court unanimously overturned a defamation award against a blogger Friday, ruling that 1st Amendment protections for traditional news media extend to individuals posting on the Web. “The protections of the 1st Amendment do not turn on whether the defendant was a trained journalist, formally affiliated with traditional news entities,” Judge Andrew D. Hurwitz wrote for a three-judge panel of the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals....The case was brought by Obsidian Finance Group and one of its principals, Kevin D. Padrick. Writing on several websites she created, blogger Crystal Cox accused them of fraud, corruption and other misconduct.
Test Scandal in Atlanta Brings More Guilty Pleas
Current Events | Posted 1/6/2014 at 10:42 PM
The cast of characters was mostly former teachers and principals, six of whom pleaded guilty on Monday in a Fulton County courtroom for their part in what has been described as the largest cheating scandal in the nation’s history. Their pleas bring to 17 the number of educators who have already pleaded guilty, with a handful more in active negotiations. But the real focus seemed to be on the woman sitting quietly near the rear of the courtroom, Beverly Hall, the former superintendent. Once considered to be among the top urban school leaders in the country, she is now viewed by some as the ringleader of a vast cheating conspiracy devised to make her and her district look good.
In Jobless Youth, Nation Is Said to Pay High Price
Current Events | Posted 1/6/2014 at 10:18 PM
Persistent high unemployment among young people is adding up to $25 billion a year in uncollected taxes and, to a much smaller degree, increased safety net expenditures, a new report says. The key takeaway here is that it’s not just the individuals who are suffering as members of our generation,” said Rory O’Sullivan, the policy and research director of the Young Invincibles, a postrecession youth advocacy group, which did the study. “When you have an entire generation of people that are out of work, it’s going to create tremendous costs for taxpayers both now and in the future.”
Edward Snowden, Whistle-Blower
Current Events | Posted 1/2/2014 at 10:44 PM
Seven months ago, the world began to learn the vast scope of the National Security Agency’s reach into the lives of hundreds of millions of people in the United States and around the globe, as it collects information about their phone calls, their email messages, their friends and contacts, how they spend their days and where they spend their nights. The public learned in great detail how the agency has exceeded its mandate and abused its authority, prompting outrage at kitchen tables and at the desks of Congress, which may finally begin to limit these practices.
Eastern California Real Estate Investor Pleads Guilty to Bid Rigging and Fraud at Public Real Estate Foreclosure Auctions
Current Events | Posted 12/31/2013 at 10:46 AM
Anthony B. Joachim of Stockton, Calif., entered his guilty plea in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California in Sacramento. Joachim was originally indicted by a federal grand jury in Sacramento on Dec. 7, 2011, along with three other investors – Andrew B. Katakis, Donald M. Parker and Wiley C. Chandler – and one auctioneer – W. Theodore Longley. All five individuals were charged with conspiring with other unnamed co-conspirators to rig bids and commit mail fraud when purchasing selected properties at public real estate foreclosure auctions in San Joaquin County, Calif. The indictment was superseded on May 8, 2013, to include an obstruction of justice charge against Katakis. Chandler pleaded guilty on Feb. 24, 2012, and trial is scheduled to begin against the remaining individuals on Jan. 28, 2014.
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