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The E-Accountability Foundation announces the

'A for Accountability' Award

to those who are willing to whistleblow unjust, misleading, or false actions and claims of the politico-educational complex in order to bring about educational reform in favor of children of all races, intellectual ability and economic status. They ask questions that need to be asked, such as "where is the money?" and "Why does it have to be this way?" and they never give up. These people have withstood adversity and have held those who seem not to believe in honesty, integrity and compassion accountable for their actions. The winners of our "A" work to expose wrong-doing not for themselves, but for others - total strangers - for the "Greater Good"of the community and, by their actions, exemplify courage and self-less passion. They are parent advocates. We salute you.

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Hillary Clinton Says Supporters of Donald Trump Belong In A "Basket of Deplorables"
Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, told the fundraiser audience that half of the supporters for Trump, the Republican nominee, could be put into a "basket of deplorables." “Racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic, you name it,” Clinton said. “There are people like that and he has lifted them up.” From Editor Betsy Combier: I sent my opinion - that I will not vote for Hillary - out on Facebook, and I was immediately called names and cursed at. Stunning examples of why I will not join Hillary's circle.
   Hillary Clinton   
Trump seizes on Clinton saying supporters belong in 'basket of deplorables'

Donald Trump on Saturday seized on rival Hillary Clinton’s disparaging remarks overnight about half of his supporters being “deplorables” -- including people who are “racist” and “homophobic.”

“Wow, Hillary Clinton was SO INSULTING to my supporters, millions of amazing, hard-working people” tweeted Trump, after Clinton’s comments at a Friday night New York fundraiser. “I think it will cost her at the Polls!”

Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, told the fundraiser audience that half of the supporters for Trump, the Republican nominee, could be put into a "basket of deplorables."

“Racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic, you name it,” Clinton said. “There are people like that and he has lifted them up.”

The former secretary of state attempted to qualify her remarks as "grossly general-istic," and that the other 50 percent of Trump supporters are frustrated by hard times and merit sympathy.

"They are just desperate for change," Clinton said. "They don't buy everything [Trump] says, but he seems to hold out some hope that their lives will be different.

Clinton was speaking at an LGBT fundraiser in New York City, where she encouraged supporters to "stage an intervention" if they have friends considering voting for Trump.

"That may be one conversion therapy I'd endorse," said Clinton, referring to a type of counseling designed to urge gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender children to change their sexual orientation. She later clarified that she wants to end the practice.

Singer Barbra Streisand, who performed at the fundraiser, altered the lyrics of the Stephen Sondheim song "Send In The Clowns" to mock Trump, referring to the real estate mogul as a "sad, vulgar clown."

Trump spokesman Jason Miller said in a statement that Clinton had "revealed her true contempt for everyday Americans" and called the remarks an "inexcusable mistake."

Clinton campaign spokesman Nick Merrill defended the candidate in tweets of his own.

"Obviously not everyone supporting Trump is part of the alt-right, but alt-right leaders are with Trump," he said. "And their supporters appear to make up half his crowd when you observe the tone of his events.”

The fundraiser capped a day in which Trump again attacked Clinton's credibility. He said Clinton was being "protected" during the Justice Department's investigation into her use of a private email server while secretary of state.

"She could walk right into this arena right now and shoot somebody with 20,000 people watching, right smack in the middle of the heart, and she wouldn't be prosecuted," Trump said at a rally in Pensacola, Fla.

Trump also faced criticism from within his own party for refusing to outline his plans for combating foreign policy challenges, including threats posed by ISIS. Trump said this week that he does indeed have a plan, but would convene military leaders in his first 30 days in office to craft another plan.

Trump has also faced criticism for praising Russian President Vladimir Putin during a high-profile national security forum earlier in the week, and appearing on a Russian-backed television network Thursday evening.

On Friday, Clinton said she was "disappointed" by Trump's decision to appear on RT America, saying that "every day that goes by this just becomes more and more of a reality television show. It's not a serious presidential campaign."

With several prominent Republican national security officials already concerned about Trump's national security acumen, Clinton has tried to cast herself as the better potential commander in chief. She has aggressively promoted her growing list of military endorsements from both parties.

On Friday, her campaign said the number of retired generals and admirals endorsing Clinton for president has grown to 110. Trump quickly countered by saying his list had ballooned to 120 former U.S. generals and admirals earlier in the week.

Trump's running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, received his first intelligence briefing Friday. The vice presidential nominee declined to offer any specifics since the information was classified.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Judge Jeanine to Hillary: ‘I Can’t Trust A President Who Doesn’t Think I’m Worthy Of Being An American’

From Editor Betsy Combier:

Hillary Clinton is deplorable, and her intolerant followers are as well. I include Jude Legum, Editor-in-chief of ThinkProgress in this assessment. He "proved" Hillary's prejudice true. Yet in my opinion he is too biased to write about "polling data" I don't think President Obama is a muslim. I lived in Cairo Egypt for almost 5 years.

Examples of intolerance by Hillaryites:

Well-known blogger and education writer Diane Ravitch is going to vote for Hillary. Good for her! That is her opinion. Frankly I could not care less.

But a former teacher who was fired from the NYC Department of Education because she had a bad defense lawyer when she was brought up on charges, wanted to belittle me (she did not succeed, my friends) when I said I would vote for Trump, then Susan sent my name and choice to Diane for her opinion. Her shocking answer was that I was homophobic, etc., etc., see the emails here:

May 18, 2016

to me,

A Really Bad Deal for America - The New York Times come close to describing this ‘best choice,’ of yours.

According to people traveling abroad, the entire world is watching and asking: “How can the people in the US be thinking of electing such a dangerous, stupid, psychopath.?”
The answer is one that YOU just provided… a spiteful, adolescent attitude by people so deafened by the voice in their heads, that this horror — to them —is actually a choice.
That kind of ignorance is indefinable., but goes something like this:
‘Well, gee whiz, after all,… it is show time, and we know that the position of PRESIDENT OF THE US, should be chosen the way we chose the survivor of a reality show, like chopped, or cupcake wars,… someone has to lose ya know,"

I used to think you were devoted to truth. That you not only believe this, but CC’d the people that you did, demonstrates a level of narcissism which explains your choice.
I guess I never really knew you...

Then Ms. Schwartz sent my one line opinion to Diane Ravitch:

"Thought you might want to see what Betsy wrote to me and my response:
who responded (according to Susan Schwartz):

May 19

to me

On May 19, 2016, at 12:50 PM, Diane Ravitch wrote:

If Trump wins, he will appoint 1-3 Supreme Court justices.

Based on the list he released, his court will reverse Roe V Wade and gay marriage."

So, the end to gay rights would be on my shoulders if I do not vote for Hillary. Puleeze!!!! I have marched for LGBT rights since I was born. Diane has never made any comment on my very relevant blog NYC Rubber Room Reporter, even though I know more about the teacher trials 3020-a and how teacher rights are being denied to good people, than she does.

A friend of Diane's, Ellen Lubic, wrote an article about Trump which she hoped would "change" my mind. Really? Who are you?
Ellen Lubic
May 19

to me
Betty....sorry but I disagree with you. Trump is dangerous...and even though I too dislike Hillary, I might choose Jill Stein if Bernie is not the candidate...but would never vote for Trump. Here is an article I wrote which was published at City Watch on Monday (also published at LA Progressive, and at Down With Tyranny). Please read the three links by Paul Krugman, Arthur Camins, and Trump fascist butler.

Perhaps it will encourage you to change your mind.

The Worship of Donald Trump …Ignoramus-in-Chief … and What It Says about America’s Education System

Someone added me to the Hillary facebook page a few days ago. I sent a message to not do that, as I would not vote for Hillary. Then people started attacking me. I love the person who called me a "low information voter" - not. I read 5 newspapers every day, and know the people in media and politics who work with each presidential candidate. I go to the source, as all news reporters should do.

In my opinion, the very ugly part of American politics is this "I can say anything about you" on the internet, and it is obvious that many people are intolerant of opinions which are different than theirs. So sad. Mr. Osborne - does your comment reflect your opinion of women?

Here are the comments as of September 11, 2016:

Comment History

A Jeanne Ensor 3:36pm Sep 7
If you don't support Hillary then don't send me messages. I don't support trump so don't send me info on him.
my answer:
I did not send any information on Trump. I wrote I would not vote For Hillary.

Arlene Bulos Kamppila 1:53am Sep 8

Jimmy Osborne 12:36pm Sep 6

Donna J McDermott 12:36pm Sep 6
I bet she's not a Trump supporter.

Donna J McDermott 7:49am Sep 8
I bet she's not a Trump supporter. She's a different type of low information voter. She's a Bernie or Bust.

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